About Hackinscience


Every years since 2014 Hackinscience is a physical course taking place at the CRI, we've taught Python to 49 students in january 2019, and a total of around 200 students.

The course spans a whole week of january, from monday to sunday, from 9AM to 9PM every day, with 3 teachers in the room with you full time. The week is done using the hackinscience platform so the teachers, beside giving short lessons, are only here to help you: we can sit with you and take the time it need to unblock you, as we're 3 in the room you'll always get a free teacher to ask any question.

Anyone is welcomed during the week, from beginners having never seen a line of code to a bunch of years of experience in programming, we'll always find a challenge to sharpen your skills.

The week is interleaved by short interactive lessons (around 15 minutes) given live by a member of the team on topics in relation with the level of the group, ranging from simple data structures to algorithmic complexity, from Python syntax basics to understanding relations between strings, bytes, encoding, unicode, UTF-8, and so on.