Getting help

Report a bug on hackinscience

If you found an issue in an exercise, or the website, please either:

Get personal coaching

See the sponsor page.

Get help from the Python community

The Python community is known to be friendly and welcoming, don't hesitate to ask for help!

Asking on a forum

There's a Python forum at, feel free to ask your question in the Users category.

Asking in the chat

You can ask in the #python channel of freenode, you can use if you don't have an IRC client.

Asking by mail

There's the python-list mailing list.

How to ask a question?

Don't ask to ask, just ask.

Be polite and respectfull.

Don't ask for someone else to solve your exercise for you, it won't help you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't connect to correction server?

If you have the correction server connection error, there's two main possibilities: Either your internet provider (or VPN, or ...) blocks [WebSockets](, in which case you should politely ask for them to update their blocking policy. Or my server is down (in which case you should not even be able to read this message). Anyway don't hesitate to open [an issue]( in the bug tracker, so I know.

My question is not in the FAQ, how to add it?

Ask me, I'll reply, and if it's frequently asked, I'll add it here. You can ask me using by opening [an issue](, or send me an email: [](

How do team works?

Teams are named groups that have their own leaderboard. Anyone can create a team at any moment, and leave a team at any moment, but: - Joining a non-existing team creates it, you become the team staff, you and only you can now grant new members in the team. - Joining an existing team marks you as willing to join, you'll have to wait for the team staff to accept you in. By default a team is public, shoot me an email if you need a private team.