About Hackinscience

Hackinscience, the online platform

The Hackinscience platform is a free, without ads, and open-source (repo on framagit) exercise platform, by a team of Python passionates.

We only rely on your donations to run this.

You're a teacher?

If you're a teacher and want to use hackinscience during your courses, you can ask by email at team at hackinscience dot org for a teacher account, we'll bind you to your class students so you can follow their individual progression.

You'd like The Hackinscience Team for a class?

Good news, we teach Python too! Don't hesitate to drop us an email at team at hackinscience dot org and we'll discuss about it. We're based in Paris, France, but it may be OK for the team to move in other places, let's talk about it!

Friendly Tracebacks in corrections

You may have spotted Python exceptions are often nicely explained, how do we do that?

We're using André Roberge's friendly-traceback, a project which tries to understand what caused the exception, and explain it.

If you spot an exception that is not explained by friendly-traceback, which end up with "You might want to report this case to ...", don't hesitate to report the case to the given link, André is always very fast to implement the case and it will help many people, not only hackinscience users!

In the other hand if you spot a correction message that is not helpfull and does not give a link to friendly-traceback, please open an issue on hackinscience's issue tracker, as it's probably to be enhanced in our side.


Personal informations

When registering and using the Hackinscience platform, we store some informations about you:

  • Your username, maybe your email if you gave it at registration time.
  • All the exercises you did, when you did them, what you submitted, what the bot answered.

Why do we store all your submissions?

  • To display ✓ and ✗ marks near exercises so you know which one you succeeded and which one to do.
  • So you can find them back tomorrow.
  • Compute some statistics to spot which exercises are too hard to order them better or introduce intermediate/easier ones.

If you want to correct an information we've got about you, delete it, or if you'd like all the data about you conveniently archived for offline reading, feel free to send a mail to team at hackinscience dot org or ask any member of the team.

Trackers, external analytics tools, advertising

We do not use any trackers, nor any advertising network, all our css and js are hosted by ourself (no CDN).

If you read this, you probably don't like being tracked, there's two complementary things you can do:

Privacy Badger blocks advertisements and tracking cookies that do not respect the Do Not Track setting in a user's web browser.