About Hackinscience

The team

Antoine Angot

Former CS teacher at FdV Licence, lean.fr.

Antoine Mazières

Postdoctoral Researcher at Centre Marc Bloch, antonomase.fr.

Julien Palard

CPython core developer, independent Python trainer, mdk.fr.

Jérôme Schneider

Profesionnal Python programmer with 10+ years of experience.

Hackinscience, the online platform

The Hackinscience platform is an open-source exercise repository we created for the physical yearly course at the CRI. It remains opened the whole year, and everyone can use it to help in teaching or learning Python.

Hackinscience, the Python course at CRI

The Hackinscience week at le CRI is one-week intensive Python course. Check the cri-events platform for the next session. We choose Python as this language is appreciated and ubiquitous when speaking of datascience or machine learning, and also a well appreciated language to start in programming.

Hackinscience is intense: It spans over seven days (monday to sunday) and 12h per day (9 AM to 9 PM), our goal is to make you autonomous in Python so you can continue learning and start using it right after this week.