Sponsoring HackInScience

Hackinscience is a free, open source, ad-less, tracker-less Python learning platform which runs exclusively on your donations.

To help us redact more exercises, you can buy us some coffee using the following donations platforms:

Donate weekly via Liberapay

You can donate on liberapay/JulienPalard, this is the proper way to buy me some coffee or just say "thank you".

Donate monthly via Github

You can sponsor me on Github, and choose between multiple tiers, some of them just giving me more time to work on HackInScience, some other will provide your with one-to-one video chat with me.

Donate one shot via Paypal

If it's easier for you, I also have a Paypal account: paypal.me/JulienPalard.

Our sponsors

Gandi is hosting HackInScience.org freely, which helps a lot, and we really wanna say thank you for that!