Getting help

Report a bug on hackinscience

If you found an issue in an exercise, or the website, please either:

Get help from the Python community

The Python community is known to be friendly and welcoming, don't hesitate to ask for help! Most of us are using freenode IRC channels to talk.

How to connect to IRC?

There's a nice web client on:

Pick a Login and a channel (see common Python IRC Channels below). If you don't have a NickServ account (or don't know what it is), don't check the "I have a password" box.

How to ask a question?

Don't ask to ask, just ask.

Be polite and respectfull.

Be patient too: We're not always watching our screens for new messages, it can take 15mn for someone to notice a new message, like when you send an email.

The author of HackInScience is mdk on Freenode, on various channels but mainly on #python-fr (I'm French! I bake my own bread!), don't hesitate to prefix your question with mdk: so I notice it faster.

IRC Channels

There's multiple channels related to Python on freenode, on different topics and different languages, mainly:

And many variations around languages and topics:

You channel is missing? Make a PR →