Doing HTTP requests

Created by Julien Palard



You should work on this exercise with your own installation of Python, on your computer. Learn how for Mac OSX or Windows.

This is a short introduction to requests, a Python module that make grabbing content from the web quite easy.

Requests is NOT in the python distribution, but is installed in HackInScience.

To install it on your machine, use: python3 -m pip install requests.

Now, your exercice will just have to GET the content of the page, and print it.

In case your computer is not connected to the internet, your program should simply print No internet connectivity. on the standard output.

Beware: requests will raise an exception if there's no internet connectivity, and I will test this case!



$ python
  "login": "python",
  "id": 1525981,

Oh Damn ! The Wi-Fi is down !

$ python
No internet connectivity.

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