Hello World

Created by Julien Palard

Welcome on HackInScience!

This is a sample exercise just to familiarize with the system.

On the left, here, there's typically the exercise instructions, for example: "Write a single line of Python code to display Hello world!".

The code to solve the exercise is to be written in the black code editor, on the middle of the page, here →

But as it's just an example, I already wrote the code for you ☺

Below the code editor you can see some buttons, main ones are:

  • Run: To run the code you wrote with a Python 3 interpreter, and print the result to the right. This is usefull to experiment and debug.

  • Submit: To send your answer to the correction bot. The bot will review and test your code, and will tell you if it's valid of if you have something to enhance.

Once your exercise approved by the correction bot, you'll be authorized to read shared answers (middle button under the code editor), and click on the button to continue to the next exercise.


Start by reading the tutorial.

Don't hesitate to modify the code and click the Run button to experiment with the syntax and possibilities.

But beware, the bot will still want you to print Hello world! to validate the exercise!