Select students

Created by Antoine Mazières

Write a function telling appart accepted and refused students according to a threshold.

The function should be called select_student and takes as arguments:

  • A list where each element is a list of a student name, and his grade.
  • A grade. The student grade must be superior or equal to the given grade to be accepted.

Your function must return a dictionnary with two entries:

  • Accepted which list the accepted students sorted by grades in the descending order.
  • Refused which list the refused students sorted by grades in ascending order.


In [1]: from solution import select_student

In [2]: my_class = [['Kermit Wade', 27], ['Hattie Schleusner', 67], ['Ben Ball', 5], ['William Lee', 2]]

In [3]: select_student(my_class, 20)
{'Accepted': [['Hattie Schleusner', 67], ['Kermit Wade', 27]],
 'Refused': [['William Lee', 2], ['Ben Ball', 5]]}

In [4]: select_student(my_class, 50)
{'Accepted': [['Hattie Schleusner', 67]],
 'Refused': [['William Lee', 2], ['Ben Ball', 5], ['Kermit Wade', 27]]}

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