Student class

Created by Julien Palard

Implement a Student, School, and a City classes like so:

  • Student, School, and City have a name attribute, given at initialization time.
  • A Student have an add_exam(grade) method, recording a new grade for him, as a float.
  • A School have an add_student(student) method.
  • A City have an add_school(school) method.
  • Student, School, and City have a get_mean() method giving:
  • For the Student, the average of its results.
  • For the School, the average of the students averages.
  • For the City the average of the School averages.
  • School have a get_best_student() method, returning the best Student.
  • Cities have a get_best_school() and a get_best_student() methods, returning respectively a School and a Student..


paris = City('paris')
hkis = School('hkis')
for student_name, student_grades in (('alice', (1, 2, 3)),
                                    ('bob', (2, 3, 4)),
                                    ('catherine', (3, 4, 5)),
                                    ('daniel', (4, 5, 6))):
    student = Student(student_name)
    for grade in student_grades:


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